Book Review by Liturgical Arts Journal

Dr. Peter Kwasniewski has written yet another very interesting book, True Obedience in the Church: A Guide to Discernment in Challenging Times, published by Sophia Institute Press. This book is an informative read, a short and enjoyable summary of a complex topic, especially applicable to our times. The book can be read in one or two sittings and applies to all Catholics and touches in many ways on themes of sacred liturgy.

The work presents an erudite discussion on the subject of true obedience in the Church. In recent years this subject has taken on new meaning for many Catholics who have witnessed a revival in liturgical ceremonial and art in the light of the revival of the tradition of the Church, particularly under the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI. In view of that, recent moves which seem to go contrary to the imperturbable nature of the liturgy have raised many questions, not least of which is the question of what true obedience entails within the tradition of the Church. This is an important question that is especially felt during a time in the history of the Church when a significant portion of Catholics are left feeling censured and deprived of their liturgical patrimony and birthright.

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