WATCH: Dr. Christine Bacon Interviews Dr. Peter Kwasniewski

Are Catholics required to live in blind obedience, even in situations of anarchy or breakdown, corruption or apostasy? What should you do when your superior instructs you to do something in contravention of God’s law? What is the proper role of conscience and how are liberal and conservative views of it defective? And can there … Read more

WATCH: Review by Fr. James Mawdsley

Powerful forces within the Church are seeking to destroy her, and some may even think they are doing good. “True Obedience” is an urgent defence against this abuse of authority. With the author’s permission, this video highlights key quotes from Dr Peter Kwasniewski’s “True Obedience in the Church” to form our minds anew in Christ.

‘Sitting on the Fence is not an Option’: It is Our Duty to Resist Suppression of the Traditional Rite

When the Latin Mass-suppressing Traditionis Custodes was released in July, esteemed liturgist Dr. Peter Kwasniewski compared it to an “atomic bomb” and gave a powerful speech at this year’s Catholic Identity Conference on why true obedience to God requires that we disobey its instructions. Now that the Responsa Ad Dubia has been released — what … Read more

True Obedience vs. Revolution in the Church

For Catholics seeking to act uprightly before God and men, it is no exaggeration to say that discerning the nature and limits of the virtue of obedience is becoming the most critical question of the day. In the civil as well as ecclesiastical spheres, Catholics face mounting pressure to submit to rulings or commands that … Read more

True Obedience: A Key Consideration for Our Time

Modern people, heirs of an incoherent totalitarian liberalism, typically oscillate between despising all authority and blindly submitting to whatever authority they still acknowledge. There is no longer a rich network of authorities at various levels that form a constellation of reference points within which the individual Christian yields his obedience to God and to the … Read more

Discerning True and False Obedience in the Era of Traditionis Custodes

At the Catholic Identity Conference 2021, Dr. Peter Kwasniewski dropped a bombshell on the pious but wrongheaded belief that Catholics owe blind obedience to the pope, even when his commands are evil or unjust. Protestants will also find this magnificent talk of interest, since it inadvertently puts to rest some of the anti-Catholic caricatures invented … Read more